Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Well…It’s just my third post and I am afraid I’m unable to resist it. The temptation to lead you into my life. My kitchen, to be more precise. NO. This one is not about Mumbai per se. And YES. It is about Mumbai. I don’t know how much sense I am making but at such moments of ‘high’, it doesn’t matter. Some joys cannot be contained and ought to be shared in order to avoid indigestion.

It happened last night. Since I have come to Mumbai, the FIRSTs of my life haven’t taken a break. First crush, first love, first heartbreak…naah, I am way past these things .At my age, it has got to be something more special. A sense of winning a bastion you never thought you could enter into. When something that was not your ‘cup of tea’ suddenly seems inviting! A sheer feeling of ecstasy and achievement !

It happened when my Goan roomie who usually looks after the kitchen didn’t want to cook anymore. Eating out would have been the most viable alternative had it not been for my internet. It happened when my net connection suddenly stopped working leaving me jobless for the entire evening. As they say, everything happens for a reason. I took refuge in the kitchen and had to comply with my roomie’s request of making her the Mumbai special – Puri bhaji. I am not so compliant usually but thought it would be a good way to kill time. Never mind the fact that in my history of cooking, I had never succeeded in making the simple chapattis, leave alone something like puri. But experimenting and trying my culinary skills in the kitchen was not going to be so bad, or so I thought.

And the very next hour, we were on the dining table having a sumptuous dinner. That was not the best puri-bhaji I have had. All the same, it was not bad and was much more than what I could ever expect of myself !I ended up calling my family and close friends.And yay ! My net is in order too.Happy ending of a rather boring day. I can’t say who was more happy….I or my parents. Finally, their not-so-useful ( I mind calling myself useless ) daughter is learning something. After all, it’s the Mumbai Magic !

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