Sunday, August 30, 2009


Complete randomness and madness is all I can think of and that will be reflected in my blog too. But then, random thoughts are quite something and consequently better than the absolute nothingness that my blog has been subjected to of late. Blame the unexpected vacation that came with the madness that swine flu unleashed. Life has been twice as hectic as before. Though I love the documentary film making workshop I am doing, it keeps me on my wits end. I have felt triumphant after shooting each one of my home assignment videos. The very next day, she has sat in class, watching my videos on the big screen and tearing them apart. It feels like someone stripping your soul bare in front of everyone and you can do nothing but look her in her eyes like a harmless puppy and admit that you have done a bad job.All those camera positions and angles! But then thanks to the strict instructor, I am learning so much rapidly. The other day she asked us to shoot an interview and this hilarious thing happened. One of my friends caught hold of a foreigner on the road and said-“ Can I take you to a corner and shoot you?” And he agreed!

Well…Malhar is on sans all the madness. Too bad but swine flu did this awful thing to Malhar, St. Xavier’s annual cultural fest. Not that my heart goes out to them (my heart is strictly Sophia’s), it was a disappointing sight to see an uncrowded campus with a larger workforce than people attending the festival. It was equally disgusting to see girls in shorts shorter than their tees. Someone tell them it doesn’t make them look attractive in any way, that too in a vacant campus.

Dominos has come out with pasta in two flavours. I gave it a try a fortnight before. Eeeew! It’s seriously not worth the 100 bucks that you end up paying for a modest amount of pasta in an oversized box. Sorry for making it look oh-so-tempting in the picture above.

My house has become a mini bar of sorts with all kinds of liquor available here. Right here behind my laptop that I’m writing on are lined up bottles of scotch and beer. Holy mother! I didn’t know a bottle of scotch could be priced so exorbitantly. Thanks to my landlady’s eighty five years young brother who has flown down from Portugal and cannot breathe without alcohol. He might survive longer without air than beer. He is a tall and good looking old man who loves to pour out his heart as well as liqour and has been inviting me to have a drink with him since morning. But I have been escaping the state of bitterness in my mouth and dizziness in my head. I wouldn’t be writing this post even today otherwise.


  1. Malhar!!

    miss them yaar....
    pics lekar aana tha na... is terms of language..and content...and ..random as well....
    but..plzz..keep urself off frm alcohol..:P

  2. thanks for the info about the pasta. I was thinking of getting that this evening.
    i absolutely have to come and meet your landlady's brother I'm sure he is an interesting character the other + point is that i will be good company for him.

    spoken like a teetotal ... the way u described ones state after consuming alcohol ... but its not correct ... not entirely atleast ..

  3. well...advice to keep off alcohol !! okay..
    gud that someone didn't waste money on pasta.and gotta sound like a teeto...

  4. u know how everything is in balance in nature ... in perfect harmony ... everything is a perfect equation ... ... alcohol actually tips off the balance :)
    but i second the advice ... keep off the alcohol ... u need to be first in balance for that ;)

  5. hey ... did u have the red pasta ???
    its awesome !!
    i also had the white one ... its not that bad ..
    maybe the franchisee u got it from cut ends.
    mine had mushrooms, and jalapeno as well...
    and its 69 rupees not 100 !!!

  6. "It was equally disgusting to see girls in shorts shorter than their tees.Someone tell them it doesn’t make them look attractive in any way, that too in a vacant campus."

    Tch tch...not the bombay spirit!
    why are you so jealous? I had this girl in my french class who used to come in shorts to class as well. One day we had to go to Oberoi to attend some seminar after class so we had to tell her "Aaj kapade pehenke aana!"

  7. PS : the pasta in south mumbai sucked so maybe u were right