Friday, April 3, 2009

Colaba Blues !

Do you see the flashy car in blue in the picture above? Oh…of course, you see it but it’s not about just ‘seeing’. Does it catch your eye and make you exclaim? Or you just write it off as any other car parked in what looks like some part of the city? Well, if you are one of my types, you will probably give the latter reaction. And God forbid, if you are someone like my friend, you will instantly recognize this car as Mazda RX-8. Then I would say, welcome to Colaba because this is where you catch glimpses of such cars very often.

But the sad part of it is that you need to have an eye for cars. Going by my friend’s view, a person like me who cannot tell the difference between the simplest of four-wheelers cannot make the most of staying in such a posh locality. And he who visits me once in a while, keeps a hawk’s eye on the roads looking for cars. Hummer H-2, Nisaan GTR…you name it and he has spotted them all on Colaba streets. The automobile enthusiast doesn’t stop at this. After knowing the name of the car, you got to know that Mazda RX-8 is a sports car with 1.3 litre turbo charged petrol engine with maximum output of 170 PS. And you are left nodding all the while, though it sounds all Greek to your ears! Nevertheless, such friends sometimes make significant additions to your general knowledge. And if you manage to remember a thing or two, you can always flaunt your knowledge in front of your less informed friends.

Car or no car, Colaba anyway rocks!! But not everything in one’s life is rocking at all times. At the job front, my confidence is being hammered constantly and my diffidence is assuming new proportions. With each day, I am realizing the toughness of the choice I have made. The cute guys too are just good to look at, and not of much help. I am struggling to fulfill the achievement motive in me. May be, it will take some time.But whatever it is, This Too Shall Pass!

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  1. well...nice post...but thoda aur xplain karna tha cars ke baare mein...i am enthusiast