Friday, April 10, 2009

The Rising Sun !

My bum has been getting lazy of late. This is what happens when your body switches to the vacation mode for a good long three months. Nothing seems convincing enough to get them off your cozy bed on a summer morning when you have the whole day to yourself. Especially when you are living on your own without anyone around to pull you up. But once in a while, if you give up the joys of sleeping till midday, you can be generously rewarded by Mother Nature! This is a picture of sunrise that I captured on a stroll to Gateway. I don’t want to give you the impression that it happened accidentally. It was very much pre planned. All the same, this wouldn’t have been possible had I not left my bed at six this morning. All of this in a bid to prove my roomie wrong who commented last night- “Oh, sunrise! Then, you gotta call the sun to your bedside.”

It being Good Friday today, I went to a church after my photography session got over. They screened a movie on the life of Jesus. The ultimate saga of brutality and suffering! After all, there is only so much that flesh and blood can take in. By the time Jesus was being nailed to the cross, almost everyone in the church was in tears. I sat there tightly shutting my eyes waiting for the horror to pass. The tension that had built up in the atmosphere could be felt.

That apart, this is another thing that I like about Mumbai. You are not tied to any specific identity here. All religions and cultures melt seamlessly in the melting pot of Mumbai. One is free to experience and experiment. One can queue up to get a glimpse of Lord Ganesha at the Siddhivinayak temple, feel the ultimate bliss at the shrine of Haji Ali and pray to the Christ at any church down the street. Unfortunately, Parsi and Jew temples do not allow anyone but people of their own community. And I have failed to notice a single Gurudwara so far. Then for the non-believers, there are the pagan gods like the mighty sun in the picture above.This truly, is a city of worships !!

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