Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunny 'n' Seamy

race course of Mumbai

This is one profession where you are made to feel at the top of the earth and in the deepest abyss. Yeah, in one moment of journalism you feel like the king of the city (queen, in my case) and you are reduced to dirt on the road in the other. I have been through both of them in the past few days.

The former and the pleasant one came when I attended a press conference in a posh restaurant at the Mahalaksmi race course the other day. A place thronging with the big-wigs of the racing world and some of the reputed journos of the city. I was the only kiddo there, both in terms of age and status. And most people seemed inquisitive to know about the new kid on-the-block. Ha-ha! There were loads of chilled German beer and a variety of other drinks. Not to mention the sumptuous lunch which was a bizarre blend of Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai etc. cuisines. Imagine having kulchas with croissants! Or matka kulfi with chocolate mousse! But it was great fun…and with all the attention we journos were getting, the event seemed even better.

The sun doesn’t shine everyday in journalism. What I mean to say literally is that we can’t afford to sit in air conditioned rooms at all days. The reality dawns on you only when you face the scorching heat on Mumbai streets. For the sake of attending some politician’s rally, to make matters worse. But that made me realize how detached the youth (myself included) is from the entire political system. How least bothered we are about what makes the utmost difference in our lives! Anyway, I encountered it for a day at least. The cheering supporters ready to smash others under their feet and the poor reporters struggling to get a glimpse of the star of the day! As if it were not bad enough, the cops trying their best to keep the ‘press’ at bay by pushing and brandishing their batons at what seemed the most abhorred section of the society. It is a part of the job, for whatever it’s worth. Ohh…I am already getting a hang of it!!

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