Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brainy talk...

IITB main building

It is becoming increasingly difficult to generate posts sitting here because all I can think of is the scorching heat and the snail like crawling days. But I don’t think it fair to bore you with loads of crap, it’s not fair to the name Mumbai salsa either. So, I thought of writing about a hip place in Mumbai that I know of. Haha…really hip! Believe me; I am going to change your perceptions about this institution.

You have read about them in Five Point Someone…I had read it too. But it’s only recently that I have got an insight into the lives of the ‘ten point someone’ s too and I don’t think there’s much of a difference. You thought they are all zombies with glasses and intellectual looks who live in the world of computers and books…! (phew, note the accidental rhyming here ). You gotta give it a second thought. They are the lucky lot who have earned a life much more fascinating and exciting than most of us and they live it to the fullest! Don’t get the impression that it’s a cake walk…it’s not. Making it to IIT Bombay up till passing out from there is a journey marked with hardships at every step. That is why, only tough guys survive in this fray.

Okay…firstly it’s important to let you know how I have come to form an opinion about them. Thanks to a number of friends I have made there! And thanks to all our night outs together. Night outs because the rules of the hostels there don’t let me sleep. Incidentally, most of the people I know there are guys and I am thrown out (not quite literally) of their rooms as soon as the clock strikes ten. All we can do is chat our way through the nights loitering in the campus or lazing by the lake-side. There have been nights when I have slept in the hostel mess and painfully watched movies non-stop till the next morning. Oh, yes…you must have heard about the fair sex crunch in the IITs. It’s too much in your face there. There are a total of thirteen hostels out of which only two are occupied by girls. Ohh….what a pity! The skewed ratio is to blame if I don’t have a single girlfriend there.

I suddenly feel I have too much to write about them. I just can’t go on like that. So, let me bring out the striking points first…( that struck me as interesting obviously):
1. The walls of the boys’ hostels are white or yellow whereas the rooms of their scarce counterparts are painted in a girlie shade of pink! hehehe…that’s really so girlie ! I like pink walls too but unfortunately, I have a boring yellow.
2. They are served four interesting meals a day. The menu seems inviting more often than not though the guys can’t stop cribbing about it. Paneer parathas, butter chicken, pani-puri and what not! Not to mention, the extra servings of tea and maggi at midnight during their exams.
3. These guys love to celebrate! Be it any trivial reason, they are always game for parties. Sometimes, even without a reason or for all wrong reasons like screwing their exams! None of them ever needs an excuse for a ‘daaru party’, as they call it. Get drunk and forget your woes..!
4. Last but not the least, they drink, they dope, they fag (a staggering number of them, if not all). And whatever time is left with them, they use it for studying. Thanks to their amazing brains…..they still rock the world!!


  1. nice post....kaafi badai ki hai hamari...tum jaise IIT ka naam duba doge...plss..wait untill i pass out..then i will also join hands with u in ur "such kind of" descriptions.....

  2. hahaha...nice post..

    It reminds me of my college life ....