Friday, May 29, 2009

Bingo Bongo !!

Well….this is one day I look forward to! There are days when it is fun being a bong and this is one of them. Today Bengalis celebrate a feast known as ‘Jamai Shashti’ which if literally translated would read something like a ‘son-in-law day’. This is an occasion dedicated to the son-in-law/s of the family and hence the name Jamai shashti.

But why should ‘boys’ have all the fun? For as many years as I can remember, we have celebrated this occasion at our home with all fervor and without any son-in-law (you see, I am the eldest). My granny says that it is an occasion of blessings and so she been organizing this event to bless the younger ones in the family ever since. All of us are made to sit in an order on the floor which is followed by a series of rituals. I especially like the one in which we are fanned with a palm leaf, a traditional ‘fan’ if u will. We are served an assortment of seasonal fruits and a yellow thread is tied on our wrists.

Can any Bengali celebration be complete without food, and loads of it! Then we indulge in elaborate feasting including mouth watering delicacies and sweetmeat drawn to a close with our very favorite roshogullas! And the ones available back home, they are mmm….finger licking good! Well, the son-in-laws and especially the new ones are pampered with new outfits and other gifts on this day. Though we don’t get any, we still eagerly wait for this day! It’s fun yeah….

Updates from the Maximum city within a week or two. I am waiting…

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