Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yippie !

Back to Mumbai and back with some updates as promised. I notice some pleasant changes around. Firstly, yesterday I got a chance to travel in a new local. The brand new silver-blue locals have been around for quite some time now but it was only yesterday that the train I was to travel in happened to be one of them. The fun of travelling in locals has doubled with the arrival of the new trains. Their stylish interiors remind you of the metro rail in Delhi. The compartments are well-lit and airy. Thanks to the dazzling new steel, the ‘sick-sweet’ (too much of Roy, huh!) metal smell doesn’t linger in the air anymore. There are continual announcements of the ‘agla station’ or ‘pudheel sthanak’ or ‘next station’ in all three languages. The info also keeps flashing on a digital screen making it all the more convenient. We are getting ahead of other cities and it is such a proud feeling !

Another pleasant realization dawned on me when I sat in a BEST bus this morning. Most of the buses had two mini flat screen televisions on which some silly local ads used to be telecast. But of late they have come up with something called as BEST TV where they air their own programmes and ads. Today I watched a combo of some of the latest and old movie songs on my way to college. They have much more interesting stuff in their kitty, I guess. And I have to travel more frequently by BEST buses to catch up on them and give you the updates. At the moment, I am basking in the Mumbai sun and waiting for the quite infamous Mumbai showers. So, that’s all from the newsroom for now. Keep watching!

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