Sunday, June 21, 2009

BEST way of life !

BEST television or no BEST television, life in the buses can be so intriguing and funny! You must be wondering about my new love affair with the buses…’s just that I have started taking my day to day life seriously and I’m observing a lot more. God lives in details, they say. So the other day I was travelling in a bus, I saw this man clicking his pictures on his cell phone. This was the peak of narcissist behavior. He would click his picture, stare at it for some time and then click another one. I tried explaining this with an assumption that he had just bought a new phone with a camera but that didn’t seem to be the case. I and my friend were laughing our way through the bus journey when another thing happened. A gentleman tripped on my friend’s foot and went rolling all the way to the door. I kept laughing and didn’t realize what had happened till he gave me that fierce look. And to top it all, I see this female walking up with too bold a message on her tee all capitalized –MAKE LOVE NOT WAR. I wonder ma’am if you knew what you were wearing! An interesting journey draws to end.

And then there are certain things one can’t account for. Last night when I was just hanging around with a guy friend, this man tried handing us a free couple pass for a DJ Akhtar night at a club in Colaba. We knew what would follow and so we went ahead without even lending him ears. After a while we see him approach us again and say-“Boss, meri girlfriend nahi aayi isiliye ye pass aapko de raha hoon.Lo aur aish karo.” I grew even more apprehensive about what hefty sum he would demand when I see my friend merrily accepting the pass and the man walking away. We ran our eyes through it and found it to be a genuine one. And both of us went like-“Oh, we are not 21”. As though we would have gone in if we were! But such things happen too…

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