Saturday, July 4, 2009


There are times when it is just inevitable to write a post, however reluctant or occupied one is! My wait is over finally…the rains are here! The skies have literally opened and it has been pouring since midnight. I love the sound of the rains through the window. And I love the feel of it against my body. I even love to get splashed by a speeding car and I love wading through knee deep water. How romantic I make it sound! More than anything, I love sitting in the college canteen on a rainy day like this, chewing the fat with friends for hours over piping hot coffee. Trust me, it’s lot of fun! Any crap under the sun starts making sense on such a day.

We all had been longing for the rains. The situation was getting from bad to worse. Imaging having no water supply in a bathroom in south Bombay! I had to go without a bath for a few days. Okay, this sounds snobbish but then it’s the way it is. The town had never seen a crisis as far as water is concerned. This also reminds me of the bizarre poster I saw the other day. This was put up near Pizzeria in Churchgate. ‘Let’s Blame the Politicians for the Failed Monsoons’. Come on, now what have the poor politicians got to do with the rains huh? Yeah, they are definitely responsible for a lot of things but….rains? Anyways, now that they are here, let’s all rejoice to our heart’s content.

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